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Developer Fees

On August 13, 2018, the Board of Trustees of the Sweetwater Union High School District adopted Resolution No. 4572, approving the current statutory school facility fees imposed on new residential and commercial/industrial construction pursuant to Education Code Section 17620 and Government code Section 65995. The current school facilities fees are detailed on page 11 of the Fee Justification Report dated July 30, 2018. The report is provided in the link below:


Alternative to Developer Fees

Development projects with more than 4 units may find it advantageous to annex into an existing Mello‐Roos Community Facilities District (CFD) or create a new one. Please contact Moisés Aguirre, Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations at 619‐585‐6060 or for more information about the creation or annexation process.

Annual and 5‐Year Developer Fee Reports

Government Code Sections 66006, local agencies shall make available to the public certain information and adopt prescribed findings relative to school facility fees adopted pursuant to Education Code Section 17620 and Government Code Sections 65995 (“Level 1 Fees” and “Commercial/Industrial Fees” collectively, “Statutory School Facility Fees”) and Government Code Sections 65995.5, 65995.6 and 65995.7 (“Level 2 Fees” and “Level 3 Fees” collectively, “Alternative School Facility Fees”). The local agency shall review the information made available to the public at the next regularly scheduled public meeting not less than 15 days after this information is made available to the public. In accordance with Government Code Sections 66006, the following information is provided:

SUHSD Annual AND Five-Year Reportable Fees Report for FY 2017-2018